Dusty blog

It has been a while that I have been here. Sorry for late posts! 🙂 I should clean the dust from the old topics and shoes.


This nice dude is a Vass derby. Plain box calf with commando sole. Lasting is interesting, this one is known as Banana last at was and its quite a rare one. Size EUR42,5. For sale by the way in superb condition.  Continue reading


Loake Design – Vintage Gunny


Prepearing an old shoe for a new customer. Loake Gunny, size UK10 EUR44.


German Welt – lets see some old stuff!

I already posted a photo about this pair of shoes. Nice pieces above the heels, and nice technique around the welt. This pair was made with quite a rare welting-type, they were made german-welted. The german welt is known just as the hidden stitch.

German welt No2

German welted constrution

This type looks more elegant and less robust than the english welt.

German welt No

German welt No#2

This pair was made around WWII I think. Still stable.

This guy showed a nice example how to make some kind of masterwork with this type of stitching.


Tod’s Penny Loafer

Tod's Penny Loafer

Stunning. This word was prepared for this pair of shoes.


Fine Details

Fine Details

I bought a vintage shoe again today. I like that kind of fine datails on old works. You can’t find such details on Hugo Boss shoes.


Handmade, Custom Made

At the first time you think its enough if it’s Handmade.

It’s enough if you look for it, if you go after it, if you find it, if you are happy about it, if you make the deal, if you buy it, if you take it, if you clean it, if you sterilize it, if you make it vet, if you make it dry and clean, if you make it shiny, if you let them rest, if finaly you can wear it.

But you go further.

You like the Norweger from the past year, you like your Derby, the rear Escarpin you have found, the worn Oxford, but finaly one day you’ll be there combining colours. It shouldn’t be black, it should be something unique. It should be yellow. But its a bit too much, I prefer brown. It should be some kind of Derby, or maybe an Oxford. Some kind of Goiser stitching, but most of all it will be Custom Made! And you will find yourself thinking about the Shoemaker…


The first pair of…

First pair of handmade shoesMy first pair of handmade shoes. Guess the brand! 🙂


Line of shoes

Line of shoes

Still working on better photos about the items I already have. Some of them worth for real better pics, they are absolutely fine items. Most of them handmade or custom made.


Custom made Suede Derby

Custom made Suede Budapester Derby

Custom made Suede Budapester Derby

I tried my best and I made some new photos about the suede Budapester Derby, I already showed you. They are specific and interesting items for me. I found 2 pairs of them and once they belonged to the same old gentleman. The shapes looks great, and they are real fine custom made work. If you check the other photos, pay attention to the soft  line of the welting chanel. This kind of finishing of the chanel shows artistic quality of work.


Gorgeous shapes and…

Handmade Budapester Suede

Handmade Budapester – Suede

I need to learn how to make better photos.